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On October 24 I entered Kutya in two Vizsla Specialty Shows. Because of COVID there hadn't been any dog shows for some time that we could attend. So even though she was only one major win away from the "prize" so to speak we couldn't get there. These two shows were outside shows in Missouri. It was very cold and there were a lot of Vizslas there - around 30 I believe. She did quite well. She didn't get first or Best of Opposite but she did get Select Bitch in both shows. This was enough to give her a 3 point major in each show. She only needed one more 3 point major to finish her GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP. I got confirmation later and the Certificate from AKC that she is now GCH MEZ KUTYA CGC. Unfortunately since this was a Vizsla Specialty Show only, and it was extremely cold and outside, there was no one there to take pictures. So I don't have a picture showing her with her handler at that wonderful point in time when she actually became a GRAND CHAMPION. For those of you who are on the waiting list for our next litter (hopefully to be coming in summer of 2021) you can know that she will again pair up with her "boyfriend" in Ohio. They have already had two litters together and both are Grand Champions. Hope everyone has a safe and healthy 2021. It's possible I'll keep a puppy from this next litter so perhaps I'll see you at dog shows in the fall.


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