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I plan to breed Kutya in the early fall of 2016 or early spring of 2017. You will be able to select your puppy in the order of your reservation, so Reserve Now by sending the Application Form by email to:


Once the puppies are born I will let you know when you can come to select your puppy. You are welcome to come visit them from the time they are born until you pick it up. Just be sure to call in advance so we can schedule a convenient time.

See details below on availability, raising, health, documentation, diet and love!

Things to Know About Puppies


All puppies can leave at 8 weeks of age. I will notify you of the date and time (usually the weekend closest to their being 8 weeks). You must pick-up your puppy - WE DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES.  If for any reason you need me to keep you puppy an additional week there will be a $50 charge payable in advance.  If the puppy is not picked up or the charge is not paid in advance we assume you don’t want it and you lose your deposit and the puppy will go to the next on our waiting list.


We will supply you with a weeks worth of the type of food they have been eating so they won’t have to adjust to new food as well as new location.   


Our puppies are handled every day by family members and children so they are accustomed to people. We will give you tips on housebreaking, training and showing. Puppies need lots of play and exercise!


All our litters are AKC registered.   When you get your puppy it will have AKC "limited" registration.  [That means a non-showing and non-breeding registration.]  When you pick up your puppy you will also receive a record of the puppy’s shots and deworming  dates.     


All our puppies will have their tails docked and dewclaws removed.  All our puppies will have their first shots and have been dewormed. You will need to arrange with your own vet for their next shots 


It is important to me to know Kutya's puppies are going to loving homes. I also like to know what type of home and lifestyle they will have. So whenever possible I like to do a home visit.  I would also appreciate it if you would give me as much detail about your family and it’s activities as is possible – i.e. work , number of household members, children and their ages, what type of outdoor activities you do, your experience in raising a puppy and how you found out about the Vizsla breed. Vizslas are not for all types of homes. I want to be sure our puppies have the right fit.  

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