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December 2022 update

Summer of 2021 Kutya had her last litter. After three liters and a total o 20 puppies I felt it was time for her to retire. I kept one of her pups from the summer 2021 litter. That pup is registered as Kutya Lanya - Lanya meaning "daughter" in Hungarian.. Lanya started showing in the winter of 21-22 and did quite will at a number of shows. Even before she was a year old she had points towards championship. We spent the winter of 21-22 in Alton, Illinois. Didn't return to Massachusetts until late August due to a bout I had with COVID. We'll be back in Illinois in January 2023 where Lanya will be showing in a number of shows in Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky. Hopefully by the time we return to Massachusetts she'll have her championship status. She came into heat for the second time in December 2022. I don't breed for winter puppies so we'll have to wait until late spring to breed her for the first time. I'm hoping for a litter mid-late summer of 2023. So if you are looking for pups contact me. I already have some people on the waiting list. Enjoy your winter everone!


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