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Christmas for Kutya

Christmas 2019 was a fun and very exciting time for Kutya. She is like a 2 year old who loves to open presents. The opening is almost more important that the present itself. She opened two of my packages as well as one of her own. First she carries the package around unopened. Then once given permission to open she goes at it. She is careful to only work on the wrapping and ribbons. Once it is open she brings the inside to me. Unless, of course, it is a toy for her. Then she runs around with it gleefully showing anyone and everyone how excited she is with her new toy. See attached videos. Her toy this year was the bottom half of Santa which I Nick-Named Santa's Pants. She absolutely loves it.

Kutya loves to snuggle under the covers at night so I bought her a snuggle dog bed for the living room. She loves it. It is thick and soft and has a cover stitched to it so that she can burrow into it. See the pictures of her in it. Often she goes in turns around and just pokes her head out. At other times, especially when it is really cold she goes in completely and all you see is a lump.

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