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HURRAY, HURRAY, HURRAY - Lots of good news to tell

FIRST, Lanya is now almost 2 years old. She has earned over 20 blue ribbons. On Sunday, June 4, she took “Best of Opposite” at the show in Wrentham, MA. This means, essentially, that she took second place to a male dog who won “Best of Breed”. This also got her another point towards her Championship status. SECOND, and very important to many of you, Lanya just came into “season” again. Lanya has met up with a wonderful Vizsla male named Findlay. They really like each other. So sometime this week or next they will be getting together for breeding. EXPECT, HOPEFULLY, PUPPIES IN AUGUST.

THIRD, there are a number of new pictures of Lanya and Kutya at our home in Plymouth which will be uploaded shortly – watch for them. FOURTH, for those on the “waiting list” for this years’ pups I’ll keep you posted as soon as we know if the breeding has been successful. FIFTH, anyone wanting to be on the list for this years’ pups should contact me soon.


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