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2020 pups are coming!!!

As always things keep changing. Kutya will be visiting with her boyfriend Royce this next week in hopes of their producing another wonderful litter. The original plan had been to have this next litter of pups "delivered" in Southern Illinois. However, the work at our home in Plymouth has all but been finished. The last things to the yard will be done in early April. And the yard in Illinois is now upside down. We uncovered a deep cistern there which needs to be filled and covered. So until this gets done pups would be in danger there. So we will now be headed back to Plymouth in the next few weeks. As a result the pups will be native born Plymouthians. Very appropriated since this is the 400 year celebration of the town of Plymouth. If you haven't gotten your application in I suggest you do so as we already have a number of applicants. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 508-335-5325. We are looking forward to a warm and happy spring and a full litter of pups.

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