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Next Litter 2019

Christmas 2018 is over and we are looking ahead to this spring's litter of pups. We expect Kutya to be in season around the end of April or early May. At that time we want to get her together with her "boyfriend" from Ohio. Their pairing produced 7 pups last time. This should produce a summer litter. We are waiting to decide if they will be born in Southern Illinois (near St. Louis) or in Massachusetts. It depends on where the applications come from. So if you are interested please call us at 508-335-5325 with any questions and be sure to get your application in so you will be on the list as we already have a waiting list. If you think you have an application in but aren't sure or haven't heard back from us confirming that we have received it please call and I'll let you know the status.

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